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Daniil started his eSports career back in 2005 posting on the forums about organizing a team that would claim to be the best in the Dota stage. Before joining NatusVincere he was a member of the WG, Ks.Int, and DTS teams. Since then, Daniel has won many tournaments in the ASUS Open series, as well as winning major tournaments such as ESWC and WDC.


At the end of 2010 Dendi joined Na`Vi, and a new chapter opened for the talented player. Dendi became famous for being one of the best solo minders in the world. His star shone brightly in the final of ESWC 2011. When playing Pudge, he killed members of the EHOME team with the speed of “one Chinese per minute”. Since that time, Pudge is often the first to get banned. Na’Vi, and Dendi has been considered a threat to be reckoned with by opponents. Dendi is undoubtedly one of the best solo-minders on the planet.Throughout the years, Dendie’s huge army of fans have given him many nicknames; The “Invoker-player”,and “The Pianist” are just a few. His invaluable experience in Chinese LANs, hard work and dedication help Daniel win.


Gabe Newell, the owner of Valve, once called Dendi the most charismatic player of our day. This statement has been backed up during almost all the LAN’s where he is typically surrounded by a crowd of fans.


In real life Daniil is as bright and energetic as in the game, and if you happen to come in contact with him you will surely not be bored!

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#1 ua DkPhobos 9 May 2014, 16:04
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#2 ua SmiLeg 9 May 2014, 17:39
Спасибо Дендику за стримы <3
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#3 ua Sausage 12 May 2014, 01:00
Когда Даня начинает стримить, иду делаю чай и повышаю свой скилл
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#4 pl Chanynog 22 September 2014, 17:19
Go Dendi
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#5 ar -nOva- 22 September 2014, 18:36
DotA <3
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